Create Bginfo and deploy using GPO

Hi Guys,
In this article, you are going to learn about BGINFO,

What is and how to deploy it via Group Policy.

Nowadays, BGINFO is one of the common TOOLS in IT filed. for Help Deks and even for System Administrators which applies it on Servers.

BGIFO info is a tool which allows us to paste on the server or client OS details, like IP, DISK, HOSTNAME AND Whatever you choose.

It is also a good idea for clients, for example, if the help desk guy asks the user: what is your IP address? The user doesn’t need to open CMD and run config he can see the IP on his desktop and it saves a lot of time for you and from users.

Let’s see, how can we configure it.

This is BGINFO:

Deploy Bginfo GPO


And here you can customize BGINFO what to deploy, color, font…:

Deploy Bginfo GPO


You need to download the last version from here (Version 4.2):

Once you have downloaded the file you will get “big” file that you will need it for deploy.

First of all, we need to create the batch file:

@echo off
CALL “C:Bginfo.exe” “C:BGinfoINFO.bgi” /timer:0 /nolicprompt

Save the file as BAT file.

The next step is to open GROUP POLICY and go to:

User Configuration > Windows Settings > Scrips > Logon

And there add the BATCH FILE you created:



Add the path:

Deploy Bginfo GPO

That’s it.