Terminal Server Configure Broker

Windows Server 2008 R2

In this tutorial you are going to learn how to configure the Broker service on a Terminal Server. Using Broker we are able to make our Terminal Server work as a load balance, meaning that any user […]

Office 365

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Office 365

Create DLP template office 365

One of the available features we have in office 365 is the “data loss prevention” DLP, which helps us to protect our sensitive information by creating DLP policies in Office 365 and get delve information about what’s […]

Office Click To Run Configuration
Office 365

Office Click-To-Run Configuration

Hi Guys,   I Would like to share with you amazing free tools which allow you to prepare “Configuration” (XML) file with a user-friendly interface. As you can see you have the ability to select Office Version, […]

Exchange & VMware


Useful commands PowerCli

Hi All, I would like to share with you some useful PowerCli commands to work with VMware environments., The following commands will help you to automate your actions with Virtual Machines. Clone Virtual Machines from […]

Get snapshot notification Powercli

Snapshot notification Powercli

HI All, Over the week i have prepared useful PowerCLi script that will help you to inform your End-users, IT teammates about existing snapshots on vCenter. In my environment, the vCenter filled with some custom […]



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