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Windows Server 2016 RDP tuning

Windows Server 2016

last Saturday I read Windows Server 2016 turning about that have written by Philip Steele and Liza Poggemeyer both guys have been done an amazing job! I was so glad to introduce rich details which […]

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Storage Replica Windows Server 2016

Windows Server 2016

Storage replica is a new feature on Windows Server 2016 Datacenter edition, Storage replica allows us to replicate machines, data, from a server to server, sync data from physical sites, Cluster to cluster, Storage replication […]



Windows 10

There are no IT guys who do not struggle with the “SVCHOST.exe” process or even processes, Doesn’t matter whatever you have tried, whether adding additional resources such as CPU, RAM, or KB’s, follow best practices articles, […]

Office 365

Exchange & VMware

Group Information Exchange

Create Distribution Group in Exchange

Group distribution is a feature which contains objects (Mailboxes). We can distribute them via email. I will explain briefly: Every organization, as far as I know, has departments, HR, Accounts, IT, etc… In the third example I will […]