Picture to User  AD

Add a picture to AD user


Hello everyone, In this tutorial, I want to show you how can we attach a picture to users on your domain. I am going to do that using Powershell, but today there are some third […]

backup DHCP server backup

Backup DHCP server

Windows Server 2012R2

I am going to teach you how to backup DHCP server. During our workday, we are overwhelmed and we are forgetting to backup our critical system such as DHCP, DNS, GPO. When we are installing […]

File Server Migration

Migrate File Server


Hey folks, This month [July], I had two major projects to lead and complete, to perform migration of old file storage to the new one. The source of one of storage were [1] NetApp and […]


Viewing the SQL Server Error Log

Windows Server 2012R2

Quick tutorial: In this tutorial, I am going to show you how we as System Administrator can review the SQL log files. For example, there is a common ticket that some users DBA are complaining about failed […]

Office 365

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Office 365

Microsoft Intune Abilities

Hey folks, I want to introduce you the Microsoft Intune service with his abilities that I’ve checked recently, It is not a secret that Microsoft strongly pushing the Microsoft Intune and improves it rapidly, to […]

Exchange & VMware

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