DNS Scavenging troubleshooting

DNS Scavenging troubleshooting

Windows Server 2012R2

DNS Scavenging is a wonderful answer to clients and dynamic updates clean up problems we experienced during the work day, no needed to talk too much about this feature, it is pretty common and understandable […]


Common LDAP Names

Windows Server 2008 R2

Common LDAP Names: This list will be useful for you, I recommended reciting several important attributes by heart. these attributes will be used for PowerShell query, batch file query or any other LDAPS quires.

Office 365

Exchange & VMware

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Set ESXi Firewall rules

Sometimes we have to enable and disable ESXi firewall rules for traffic or service functionality. as knows by default in ESXi 5 the firewall is enabled and in order to change certain firewall rule, we have to use […]

Exchange 2013 Change OWA Log on1

Exchange 2013 Change OWA Log on

Hey Folks, Unfortunately, this article is going to be short, but enough important to share this with you. I will teach you how to change our login method to Outlook web Exchange 2013, I already applied it […]