File Server Migration

Migrate File Server


Hey folks, This month [July], I had two major projects to lead and complete, to perform migration of old file storage to the new one. The source of one of storage were [1] NetApp and […]

Office 365

Clutter Exclusions
Office 365

Clutter Exclusions Office 365

Hi All, In this article, you’re going to see how to create a new transport rule which will know exclude emails with “X” keyword to clutter folder. Many managers, accountants, in general users, are complaining […]

Exchange & VMware


Find VM based MAC Address

Recently, I should have found a virtual machine on my VMware infrastructures, for some reason I couldn’t find it by name or IP, machine was down, the only clue comes from my monitor system which […]




Auto cleanup WSUS server

Auto cleanup WSUS server

Hi All, One of the main issues we as SysAdmin experience with WSUS servers is the disk utilization that utilizes for downloading updates,  in most cases my customers are notified to the disk warning only when […]


Move computer name PowerShell

When IT guys added machines to the domain as you guys know that by default, all computers automatically located on Computer container which mean that until they will not move the computer to their OU […]

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