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Storage Replica Windows Server 2016

Windows Server 2016

Storage replica is a new feature on Windows Server 2016 Datacenter edition, Storage replica allows us to replicate machines, data, from a server to server, sync data from physical sites, Cluster to cluster, Storage replication […]

Office 365

Clutter Exclusions
Office 365

Clutter Exclusions Office 365

Hi All, In this article, you’re going to see how to create a new transport rule which will know exclude emails with “X” keyword to clutter folder. Many managers, accountants, in general users, are complaining […]

Exchange & VMware

Exchange 2013 Change OWA Log on1

Exchange 2013 Change OWA Log on

Hey Folks, Unfortunately, this article is going to be short, but enough important to share this with you. I will teach you how to change our login method to Outlook web Exchange 2013, I already applied it […]

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