Terminal Server Configure Broker

Windows Server 2008 R2

In this tutorial you are going to learn how to configure the Broker service on a Terminal Server. Using Broker we are able to make our Terminal Server work as a load balance, meaning that any user […]

Auto cleanup WSUS server

Auto cleanup WSUS server


Hi All, One of the main issues we as SysAdmin experience with WSUS servers is the disk utilization that utilizes for downloading updates,  in most cases my customers are notified to the disk warning only when […]

Office 365

Customize Message Encryption Office 365 1
Office 365

Customize Message Encryption Office 365

This article intends to Office 365 organizations which use in encryption message and OME Configuration. Microsoft offers to Office 365 customers the possibility to encrypt their messages by enabling Right Management feature in their environment. […]

Exchange & VMware