Install FTP on Windows Server 2012R2

Hello everyone,

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to install an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) on Windows Server 2012 R2.

FTP is a popular service which knows transfer file between computer across the network, the most uses of FTP are for store websites files.

Another most common way to use of FTP is for organizations that use that for sharing and store important files, even some organization puts the FTP on DMZ and allows to external users accessing to the FTP.

We have to connect to FTP through PORT 21.

There are two common login options to FTP, the first one is from Windows Explorer FTP:\\IP\OR_HOSTNAME

The second one is using third party tools such as “Filezilla and FlashFXP“.

I am going to install it on “Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter“.

First of all, we need to install the IIS and then select the FTP:

install FTP on windows server 2012R2


After that we have to open the IIS and create an FTP Site:


Set the FTP Path:

install FTP on windows server 2012R2

Set (Binding)IP address and PORT and if you want you can select SSL option for your FTP:install FTP on windows server 2012R2

Here is important, we should set who is authorized to log in to FTP, and set permission as well:

install FTP on windows server 2012R2

I have created three folders in my FTP:


Oh, we can login to FTP using CMD:

install FTP on windows server 2012R2

That’s it, the FTP service is a basic service in any organization so if you don’t have FTP service try to raise it on your organization.

And don’t forget we should manage it via IIS Management Console.