Two methods for backing up Group Policy

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In this article, I want to introduce you to two methods that help you to backup your group policy policies Onto your environment,

The first part will be done using the group policy management console. and the second part will be using PowerShell.


I strongly recommended creating scheduler task with a script that will backup your GPO constantly.

The default location of backup is located under the following path:

“C:\Windows\SYSVOL\Domin\policies”, great let’s start guys.

First part – Backup group policy management console:

Please open the “group policy management”:

Backup Group Policy

Right-click on your domain and select “Manage Backup”:

Backup Group Policy

Click on “Browse” button and create a new folder:

Backup Group Policy

New folder:


Backup Group PolicyAfter that, go back to group policy management and right click on your domain and select on “Backup All”:



Browse :

Browse GPO

Specify the folder you already created:

Specify the folder

Type any description and

Click on Back UP:

Backup Group PolicySucceeded :

BACK Succeeded


My backup files:

My backup files


The second part is to perform the backup using Powershell, which allows you to run the scheduler task.

Open the new folder on your computer:



Open Powershell and import group policy module by this command:

Import-Module GroupPolicy:

Backup Group Policy

And now run the backup command:

Backup-GPO -All  -path C:\”GPO_Newbackup


Backup Group Policy


Succeeded :