Deploy Printer through GPO to specific IP range

In this article you’ll learn how to deploy specific printer to certain IP addresses (Range) let me describe you a good Example: In my building there are 2 floors, (1st) floor 1 IP range – in this floor HR and Marketing users are located, both of them, as long as users will perform login from any computer in these IP ranges they automatically will get a printer name: HP 440 Black and White

But in Floor 2 the CEO and IT Team located, their IP range is –, the Purpose is pretty similar as floor 1 the difference is that in floor 2 I want they’ll get a printer name: Xerox 500 Color. We have this ability in group policy preference, it’s a wonderful feature that GPO allows us to deploy printers by IP range. How can we do that?

First of all, we have to create new GPO:

Deploy Printer GPO

Afterward, we have to navigate to >

User Configuration > Preferences < Control Panel Settings > Printers:

Deploy Printer GPO

Now you have to decide what kind of printer you want to use:

Shared Printer

TCP/IP Printer 

Local printer 

I have selected  Shared Pinter:

Deploy Printer GPO

In the next window we have to insert the printer details:

a. Action : Update

b.Shared printer path

Deploy Printer GPO

Let’s go over to the second Tab: “Common” and check in the “Item-Level targeting ” and then click on Targeting button:

Deploy Printer GPO

You get this window:

Deploy Printer GPO

In this step we need to select which Item we want to use, we are looking for an IP Address Range:

Deploy Printer GPO

I type my  IP address Range but please be aware that only computer is in this range we get that’s printer.

Deploy Printer GPO

Deploy Printer GPO

That’s it,

I really recommend making this, use and implement the feature in your organizations, As you see it’s a very efficient feature that can reduce your overwhelmed at work.

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