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Lync and Skype For Business

Basic PS For Skype For Business

Hi, Please go over and check out to the following PowerShell commands which could be useful for you while working with Skype for Business Server 2015: Get-CsUser OR Get- CsUser –Identify “Meir Peleg” Provides you an information about user […]

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Get empty DL and delete them

How to get all distributions list on your organization which is empty using Powershell? You have to use the following command: Get-DistributionGroup | Where-Object { (Get-DistributionGroupMember –identity $_.Name).Count –eq 0 } | select PrimarySmtpAddress | export-csv C:\EmptyDL.csv By the […]


HTML Powershell

Hi, Good evening from Israel, As you already noticed I often share with you some useful tricks on Powershell. Today, I am going to show you how to export any query as an HTML file […]