Enable full logging to all SfB clients

How to enable full logging level in the Skype for business client side?
This tutorial going to be very quick but very efficient.
Sometimes when we are experiencing signs-in issues with Skype for business, we have to find out what is the problem and find a way to fix it.
If we’re talking about an external access we can take a glance into TMG logs or use on Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer tool which can provide information for us, But, when we have internally issue we can check some logs file that might help us.
I want to show you how to enable FULL logging level on your SfB clients by PowerShell.
By default, the logging level is configured as “Light” which provides you tiny information about user login process.

Absolutely you can go over user by user and change the logging level to full manually, but as most of you already know me I hate to work hard, I like work smart!.

We’ll run several PowerShell Command, please follow me:

Open “Skype For Business Server Management Shell”

1) For getting current status you to have run this command first: {returuns us all CS Client Policies}

Get-CsClientPolicy | fl *tra*

1.a] If you have several CsClientPolices you can run the following command and it will run on all CSClientPolicies.

if (Get-CsClientPolicy | ?{$_.EnableTracing -match "False"}) {Set-CsClientPolicy -EnableTracing $True -TracingLevel Full}

* Verify it:

Get-CsClientPolicy | fl *tra*

1) For getting current status you have run this:

Get-CsClientPolicy | fl *tra*

2) For an individual Client Policy you run this:

Set-CsClientPolicy -Identity “Global” -EnableTracing $true -TracingLevel Full


Here is the outcome of it:

There are two possibilities you can check out and get logging information.
The first one is when you click right click on Skype for business symbol you have there “Sign-in logs”


Or open the following path and get the logs:
C:\Users\PelegIT(Change User Name)\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Lync\Tracing


Just to owe to my dear acquaintance, Eli Shlomo who introduced it for me.

Link to his blog: