Basic PS For Skype For Business

Please go over and check out to the following PowerShell commands which could be useful for you while working with Skype for Business Server 2015:
Get-CsUser  OR Get- CsUser  –Identify “Meir Peleg”

Provides you an information about user domain that has been enabled.

Get-CsUser –LdapFilter "Department=IT"

Provides you users all users under IT department.

Get-CsUser -OU "ou=Finance,ou=North America,dc=Pelegit,dc=co,dc=il"

Provides you full users details from organization unit.

GET-CSUser | Where { $_.EnterpriseVoiceEnabled } | Select-Object DisplayName

Useful one, you will get list of users that have “EV” set under ‘Telephony’ field, if you want to export it just add | export-csv C:\Evlist.csv

Very important, with these command you can know what is the  SfB services status:

This command return to you domains that approved for federation.


Return you pretty good information about your site.


Returns information about the Registrar pool, User Services pool that user assigned.

Get-CsUserPoolInfo –Identity [email protected]