Complete certain move requests in a migration batch

Hey guys,

Over the week I had a small project of Office 365 migration, another satisfied customer decided to move into Office 365 in Hybrid mode.
After I configured all Office 365 prerequisites and HCW, I started with my basic tests and migrated individual mailboxes, after all the preparations passed successfully we’ve decided to migrate about 20 mailboxes on one batch.

The “Automatically complete the migration batch” option wasn’t clicked and we had to wait until all mailboxes will complete the sync process.

So in my case, during the migration, only 15 mailboxes have completed syncing and 5 left and still syncs with on-premises However due to some circumstances we decided to completed several mailboxes manually.

The only way I found to do it, it is using run the following command per mailboxes which already synced:
First, run this:

Set-MoveRequest -Identity [email protected]  -CompleteAfter (Get-date)

Second, run this:

Resume-MoveRequest -Identity "[email protected] "

Then within several see you will see the mailbox in Exchange online mailboxes and in addition if you run “get-moverequest” you will see it as completed, but in the migration batch windows you will still see it as synced so don’t get worked up