Configure Call Park Skype For Business | Part 1

Hi, Guys This is the first time I’m writing an IT Guide in English in my blog, in hopes that my newest articles will attract more people from around the world. I noticed that some companies are starting to make use of Skype for business, whether it is an Office 365 or on your organization. Today I want to introduce you a useful feature on Skype for business that called Call Park

 So what is Call Park?

Call park is the wonderful feature which allows users to put calls on hold and transfer them to different places at work or between departments. ?Let’s describe a situation.

Where that could be most useful. Supermarket, we have several departments such as meat department, milk department, bread department

The employee (Meir Peleg) from meat department has to call to someone from (Yaron) bread Department, Meir wants to tell something important to Yaron, but Yaron doesn’t answer him, Meir has tried to call to his mobile, to his department extension number, “Yaron isn’t available right now “, that’s what Meir has heard in voice mail.

Probably Yaron was on the toilet (Make sense.. ) After 20 minutes Yaron returns to his department, and then Meir tried to again call to Yaron and now Yaron was available, Yaron pickup up the telephone.

Meir told to Yaron,”Yaron please go to a quiet place and call to ‘833‘ number I want to tell you a secret “.

Hopefully, Yaron call to the right number, the telephone conversation between Yaron to a person who answers (Meir) will be private, nobody knows about number “833” therefore the conversation will be only between Yaron to Meir,

It’s really amazing, the feature allows for users to talk to each other without any Interference of someone.

The coolest thing is that Yaron needs to call to specific numbersXXX” and just a person who waiting for him will answer to Yaron on Skype for business clients on his computer or on his telephone number, deponents what did you configure in control panel.

let’s see how we configure this:


Voice features > Call Park

Call Park Skype For Business

Name: type name

Number range: as you want, #833 #840

FQDN: select your server

Call Park Skype For Business

Now we need to enable call park in the Voice Policy:

Voice Routing > Voice Routing  > Enable

And now, Select Global > Commit all > OK:

Call Park Skype For Business