Disable wireless when Ethernet connection is detected

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In this article, I am going to introduce you a good solution that can help you to avoid network issues on a client side.

Some user has got a laptop from IT department, as most of you already know to the laptop has two network adapters, one for WiFi and one for LAN.

Once the user works on his computer from the office, he connected with Dock station, through LAN connection, which means that he receives an IP from your DHCP service, let says that the user needs to go to a room for presentation or whatever, There is no LAN connectivity in the meeting room just WiFi connection, the user doesn’t know that his LAN adapter is enabled and automatically he tries to connect to available WiFi connection.

After 2-3 hours user return to his office and he is connecting his laptop to docking station again, DHCP has created 2 DNS record for one laptop. What could make some issues with a domain controller and generally two network adapters are up.

This situation is a regular situation for each organization, we can avoid it with two options.

The first one is to purchase a bridge checker tool which knows disconnect the WiFi or the LAN connection by recognizing network connect. – [Wonderful tools I worked with it]


Create a task schedule that knows recognize particular Event ID and disables the second one by “netsh” command.
As you know or not, once LAN adapter is UP new event ID created same about Wifi.

I’m going to show you the second option but there is a term for making use of that, the term is to make sure all laptops are the same model (same manufacturer)

How do we create such a task?

Create a new Task Scheduler:

When a specific event is logged:

Check it out before:

Log: System


EventID:32 (This is mine):

Start a program:

Program /script :


Add arguments:

interface set interface “Wireless Network Connection”