The list of the best windows services for students

Students didn’t necessarily need to have a device to study several years ago. They attended classes, used physical notebooks, and visited libraries to complete their home assignments. Now, with the pandemic outbreak, having a PC or laptop is a must. Students have been learning from home for over a year, and they use gadgets to tune in to classes and complete tasks. 

Certainly, people have different takes on such a format. Some claim online learning is ineffective and daunting, while others are delighted to study remotely. Whatever side you take, you have to reveal the full potential of distance learning before coming to any conclusions. And knowing along with using efficient apps compatible with Windows will make your online education productive and fun! In this article, we are going to unveil top-notch applications, so make sure to get familiar with them all. 

Microsoft Office 365

Windows has taken care of its users and created a batch of valuable apps to complete diverse tasks. Indeed, for some users, this pack of applications is payable. But since you are a student, and Microsoft treats students well, you get the entire collection for free! Simply log in with your educational mail and enjoy using the list of splendid apps. 

We won’t delve deep into Microsoft Office, reviewing and analyzing each and every app. They are all beautiful, that’s beside the point. However, it would be reasonable to point out real MVPs: PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook. 


In academia, you will have to produce many presentations. And the best app to do that is PowerPoint. We don’t have to reveal its functionality, as PowerPoint is predominant in the presentation field, do we? 


Essay writing is an integral part of schooling. Writing essays helps students sharpen their analytical and critical thinking skills. One of the best tools to compose an essay is Word. Thanks to Windows 10 and 11, using Word is effortless.


Many educational institutions follow rigid policies, which state that official matters, e.g., correspondence with the dean’s office, between students and college authorities, must be via academic email address. So it is worth checking your OutLook every now and then. Besides, Outlook is straightforward, and its notifications on classes and any other calendar events are priceless.


It is widely agreed that college times are the best for socializing with people and honing one’s leadership skills. Also, traditional learning gives the sense of being surrounded by real people with whom you can maintain eye contact and quietly ask, “do you know anyone who can write an essay for me?” But with numerous lockdowns, we haven’t experienced these feelings for a long time. Is it good or bad? That’s for you to decide. We only want to say that online learning can be as fun as a traditional one. You can digitally hang out with colleagues, even if it’s a ten-minute break between classes. Discord is an excellent app to make your casual talks pleasant and fun. 

Google Apps and Google Drive

If, for some reason, you don’t like using all the Microsoft apps, there is a great alternative. Google Apps comprises a list of tools to make your learning as efficient as possible. For instance, you can substitute Word for Google Docs. A bounty of people has switched to Google Docs and state that the latter works speedily and impressively. You can also try using Google Slides instead of PowerPoint. If your PC or laptop has weak hardware, you may well benefit from such shifts. 

Apart from that, Google Drive is a fantastic tool to make your learning even more productive and flexible. Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization service that works perfectly on any device. You can write an essay on Google Docs on your laptop and reach it from your phone in the blink of an eye! No need to make lots of clicks. Automatic synchronization will do its job. 


We all know that writing plays a pivotal role in final grades. However, it is also time-consuming to compose an essay. Students often have to spend hours writing and editing their works. Thanks to Grammarly, you don’t need to read massive grammar books any longer. The app screens English texts and highlights grammar, lexical, and punctuation mistakes at the drop of a hat. Using Grammarly, you can be sure that your paper will end up being polished to a shimmering brilliance. Also, Grammarly works well in Google Docs, so you can correct your errors directly in the document without dragging it into the app. 


Statistical analysis is a common task for students of economics, business, finance, and accounting. If you are among such students, consider getting SPSS. SPSS is a tool created by IBM. While Excel has some limits, SPSS provides a wide array of opportunities. Usually, the tool is payable, and the license costs a decent amount of money. But lots of educational institutions have free access to SPSS, so you can use it while being a student without paying a dime.


What student has not taken notes in academia? Taking notes is a common thing in school. Students jot down critical information during lectures, while writing essays, or when having a flash of inspiration. And with an abundance of available note-taking apps on the market, it might be hard to decide on the tool you want to use. 

We used a bunch of applications in the past, and they all were of decent quality. But Notion is something special. Notion is a new note-taking app that has already proved its value. It comprises zillions of features, which make the whole user experience pleasant and fascinating. Notion constantly provides updates, so you will never encounter bugs and other issues. 

Also, there are myriad templates for any task, so you don’t have to spend time creating class notes, job applications, grade calculators, reading and to-do lists, etc. And finally, a cherry on a pie, Notion is a freemium app, but since you’re a student, you can get a pro version for free for a lifetime. Just make sure to log in with your university mail.