How to export mailbox to PST file office 365

Hi there,

Today I want to introduce you a helpful feature in Office 365: In office 365 there is a good feature as built -in that called e-Discover. Discovery is a useful tool which allows us to export from Exchange Admin Center mailboxes as PST file to local or share destination

As you remember, in old versions we used on PowerShell in order to export mailbox to PST (if you forgot that you can go over to the next article to introduce the method to export mailbox to PST in Exchange 2013):

Before we start:

* Make sure you are using a supported browser: > Internet Explorer 8 and later versions > Edge browser supported > Mozilla Firefox \ Google Chrome with Click once add-in installed

* Make sure you’re assigned to Discover Management Group



Role :

Add  > Mailbox Import Export

Member: Yourself   < Meir Peleg >


Go to Dashboard and under compliance management click on in-place eDiscovery & hold:


Please create a new search query by clicking on the +:



Type name and click Next:



We have to click on specify mailbox to search  ” search the victim :) “:


Include all content > Next 




Now we can download \ Export the mailbox as PST file by clicking on the arrow:


Once you are clicking on the arrow we will get a small window that asks us where we want to save the file and if we to Enable deduplication mechanism:


The process has started …. :


The export completed successfully:


The Result :