Repairing DHCP database

Hey guys, this week I wasted a lot of time on DHCP database repairing troubleshooting, my customer tried to recover the DHCP server from Veeam back, and After recovering the server he has tried to start DHCP server and got an error that the service can’t be started, we tried restoring the DHCP from built-in backup as well however we weren’t able to start server correctly.
The only way I found to fix it, is to remove content under “C:\Windows\System32\dhcp”, and then the service could start up successfully, but what is the problem with this workaround? all DHCP scopes have been deleted, the customer had 39 telephones scopes and he didn’t know what they are and we were must repair the DHCP.MDB file which contains all scopes and DHCP settings.

In order to fix the “dhcp.mdb” file, we have to use in some utilities such as “jetpack.exe” and “esentutl.exe“:

Note: If you can’t find one of them, it means that you have to install WINS feature.
Open CMD and run the following commands:

C:\Windows\System32\dhcp>net stop dhcpserver
C:\Windows\System32\dhcp>jetpack.exe dhcp.mdb temp.mdb

0    10   20   30   40   50   60   70   80   90  100



Integrity check successful.

C:\Windows\System32\dhcp>esentutl /p C:\windows\system32\dhcp\dhcp.mdb /t c:\windows\system32\dhcp\tmp.mdb

Start DHCP Server.


Establish DHCP fail-over cluster for your environment:

Backup DHCP server:

Migrate / Export DHCP Scopes: