Application Catalog web service point:

This role provides information of Application Software to Web Catalog from Software Library

Application Catalog website point:

This role is responsible for the availability of Application software catalog, we have the possibility to install through the WEB as well.

Distribution point:

A very important role, this role contains Source Files for the benefit of clients, i.e. all Application-related content, software updates, system operation, operation Boot Images images
Must be available in DP so that clients can access the Source File to download update actions etc.

Management point:

A very important role, it provides Policy to Clients, it also receives information and updates the client’s policies.

Fallback status point:

This role helps you with any client installation information and it knows recognize errors or miscommunication between client to the server.

Software update point:
This role is responsible for Update for clients (WU), is, of course, integrates with WSUS.
State migration point:
This role knows store user profile when you deploy upgrade or reinstall task sequence.
Endpoint Protection Point:
This role allows you to manage the Firewall and Antimalware (Microsoft Active Protection Service).
Enrollment point:
This role is responsible for using PKI certificates, mobile registration, Computer MAC, Intel AMT-based computers.
There are more roles, but I decided to specify the most important.