Performing Multiple Users Active Directory

Hi there,

I am going to show you another good way to apply & change attributes settings of your users or objects in your Active Directory.

Today when our boss asks for and changes any attribute we automatically think about Powershell, Batch file, and as far as I know some System Administrators are not like the CLI world, and not so familiar with scripts.

So if you are like them, this tutorial would be useful for you as well.

In this tutorial, I am going to add “Email” to X users, add IT department to IT members.

Open your Active Directory and mark all users you want to add email

Right click and properties.

Once you have done it, you get a window that allows you modify, add, apply some options for selected users.

I have selected X users and then I clicked properties:

Multiple Users - Active Directory

So as you can see here, you can set one value for all users:

And in my case of “Email” attribute I will use in “%Username% value to apply a new Email address:

multiple change _ Active Directory Users

The result of that is:

Multiple Users - Active Directory

We also can apply other settings like “Password Never expired“, User must change password at next login” etc…:

User Attributes_AD

What about Department description?

Multiple Users - Active DirectoryI really recommended make use of this wonderful option.

Sometimes we’re wasting time about Powershell¬†script preparation so it can help you.