Create Saved queries – Disabled Users Active Directory

Hi there,

This tutorial will teach you how to filter any kind of objects and find particular attributes such as ‘disabled account’, User, computer, operation system, etc…. Usually, when our boss asks us for a list of users in the “IT” department or users who are enabled we automatically think about Powershell. It’s only natural, but I want to introduce you to another feature that is more user-friendly.

Saved queries:

Here I want to create kind of a list of all disabled users in my Active Directory.

So, open active directory and then right click on “Saved Queries” > New > Query.


  • Here we have to select a string, but before we do that, we have to define query > so click on “Define Query

Create Saved queries Active Directory

  • We have “Disabled Account” by default and we just need to check it.
    there are a lot of filter options if it locked users, time login, specific location, and more…


Create Saved queries Active Directory

  • Type the name of the query, query root and then OK

Create Saved queries Active Directory

And here you can see all users which are disabled.

Very simple, not complicated, indeed, it’s user-friendly GUI.

So why not make use of this feature?

create Saved queries Active Directory