Managing Volume and Folder Quotas

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Today I am going to present you how to apply some restrictions and quota settings on particular a volume using File Server Resource Manager on Windows Server 2012R2.

There are good restrictions you can apply such as restrict a user from saving certain type of file, quotas, and more good restrictions. I do think that if you are managing your File e Server which is based Windows Server machine you should implement this feature ASAP, restrict your user from keeping unnecessary files into your FS, add any ransomware extensions, I do not talk about restraining your users from keeping Word, Excel or any kinds of stuff that related to work, I’m talking about childhood videos, honeymoon pictures or kindergarten pictures and so on.

Personally, I like this feature, it works great and it is really not complicated for managing.

First of all, we have the install the “File Server Resource Manager” role.


This is the “File Server Resource Manager


After we finish with Role Installation, we need to create volume or any other shared folder and apply the File Server Resource Manager > Settings:

For my demonstration, I already have created a new folder which named: TEST on my C:


Go to the server and right click on “Quota” a select “Create Quota, 

We are going to apply restrictions on my test folder, right now I am creating quota,


Browsing to the Test folder:


I chose “Define Custom Quota Properties” and clicked on “Custom Properties

Limited space is 20,000 MB and if you want to configure alerts by Email or any other event log we would like to capture, click on ADD




In the next figure, we can create a template for our quota settings for future cases, (Right now Forgive me I am giving up and skipping.)




The next step is to apply policy individually on a folder, I mean we are going to restrict the user from saving Music, Picture files on our test folder.

Right Click on “File Screens” under File Screening Management


Define Custom File Screen Properties:


Select any file group you want to restrict, in my case Audio and Video Files has been selected, but it is not good enough for me because by default this file group is containing many of types, so we can filter it by file extension.

Let’s check out deeply what do we have there and click on “Edit”


I have set that *.asf won’t be part of it

Managing Volume Folder Quotas

Now the same thing about images, click edit:

Managing Volume Folder Quotas

I just want to allow “dip and “bump” file types:
Managing Volume Folder Quotas

Also here, we can enable Auditor Report Service

Managing Volume Folder Quotas

Click on Create:

Managing Volume Folder Quotas

I don’t want to save it as a template …



Managing Volume Folder Quotas

Now we are going to check it, on my desktop, there is JPEG file I want to copy in into my test folder:



Managing Volume Folder Quotas

 Access is denied: I didn’t allow it 

Managing Volume Folder Quotas

Right now I’m creating “bmb” file using our lovely paint … (Who doesn’t remember I excluded “dib” and “bmp” extensions on File Server Resource Manager)

Managing Volume Folder Quotas

Trying to paste it, and it is working.

Managing Volume Folder Quotas