Blank page o Exchange Server 2013

I have encountered with this annoying issue when I tried to log in my Exchange Admin Center, I  got the blank page.

This is the Blank Page I am talking about: (by the way the same page when I tried login to ECP)

Blank page Exchange 2013 EACHow to fix it?

Probably we are encountering regarding certificate issue, somehow the certificate unassigned to Exchange Back End site:

Open IIS server:

Blank page Exchange 2013 EAC

Choose on “Exchange Back End

and notice that at the right side you have “Binding” option which allows us binds certificates and set the port for any Web services, Edit https:

Binding IIS


And there you need to select your certificate from the SSL filed:

Blank page Exchange 2013 EAC

Don’t forget reset your IIS  service, via IIS Wizard, or just run “IISREST” command through CMD.

I also suggest double check the “Default Website” as well.