Tips to Make Your Gaming Smooth on a Mac

Tips to Make Your Gaming Smooth on a Mac

Mac is widely known for being used as gaming computers. They are practical and efficient for gamer users. Many people choose Mac over other computers for their gaming purposes. 

Mac users can face some problems while they use their Mac for gaming. There might be some problems with the settings or the smoothness of the graphics of the games. However, you can quickly solve these issues. 

This article is about optimizing your gaming experience on Mac and how to improve gaming performance on it. These are some tips and tricks to have a better feel of gaming while using a Mac. 

Fix Your Battery

Your gaming can be disrupted by the battery problems of the Mac you are using. Thus, you need to make sure your computer’s battery does not cause an issue, like draining the battery while gaming. To do so, you can go to the Settings and open the Energy Saver. 

There you can change the settings as you need to optimize the battery usage of your computer. You can also look for battery-draining apps and close them for better battery life. These are some of the tricks you can use for maintaining a healthy working battery on the Mac. 

Check Your Mac’s Settings

Before installing games on the Mac, you need to know about the settings and contents of the device. You need to check the operating system, processor, memory storage, hard drive storage, and the graphics card on it. You can do so very simply. You need to go to the Apple icon on the top left corner of your screen and select the option About This Mac from the menu visible. 

It is necessary to check these before gaming as different games have different system specifications. The system requirements are written on the box of the game or inside its settings. Though having the minimum requirement is fine, you can upgrade your operating system or delete files to clear the hard drive space to have better gaming performance. 

Ensure a Clean Hard Drive

As reported by many professionals, you need to keep at least fifteen percent of your drive space empty to have a smooth running of games you play. Once this space decreases, your machine can get slower as the background processes cannot run appropriately within the available storage space. 

They cannot function properly at an optimal level. You can clean your Mac manually or use apps that help you in doing so. 

You can use apps like CleanMyMac X to clean your machine. You need first to install the app and open it. Then, you have to go to the Uninstaller tab and look for files you want to remove. 

You can remove endless photos, videos, system junk, cache files, duplicate files, unwanted documents, and outdated apps immediately with the click of a button using this app. This is how you can keep your device clean and ready for gaming on it. 

Stop Apps From Automatically Opening

Every time you open your Mac and log in, several apps automatically open and start using resources before you do anything. This can cause an issue with your gaming in terms of smoothness and speed. Hence, you can stop these apps from opening on their own. To do so, you need to go to the Settings, followed by System Preferences. 

Then, you have to go to the option Users & Groups. There, you have to click on the option Login Items. Here, you have to select all the apps you want to stop from starting on their own. Then, it would help if you pressed the minus option, and that shall do the work for you. No more automatically generated apps shall be there on the Mac anymore. 

Upgrade Your Software

Using outdated and old software can cause difficulties in gaming on the Mac. You can update Mac’s software as it helps with fixing the bugs and adds new features to your machine. 

Thus, it can affect the way you use your computer and your gaming experience. It is effortless to check for software updates. You need to click on the Apple icon on your screen and go to the option About This Mac. There, you shall find an option for Software Update. 

Once you click on it, the App Store shall open, and you shall be able to see the apps that have updates pending and also if there is any software update available. Thus, you can quickly update your apps with the click of a button and upgrade your software. This way, you can keep your device smooth and fast by upgrading it whenever you need it.