Export Zone in DNS?

I’m going to show you have to export to ZONE from your DNS using “DNSCMD” command.

DNSCMD command is a powerful command which allows you manage your DNS environment by Command Line.

Please follow to the parameters I’m going to use:

  1. DNSCMD .
  2. Zone/export – with this command I will export the Zone.
  3. <Zone Name> – here I will specify the Zone Name for backup.
  4. Zone File Name – file name.

To enrich your knowledge with DNSCMD command, refer the next link:


Note :

Doesn’t matter what zone  you exported at the end the  export content will be located in the default path:


Open your DNS Server:

export Zone in DNS

Open Command Line window and type the following syntax:

Dnscmd /zoneExport <Zone Name > <Zone Name File >>Dnscmd /zoneExport <Zone Name > <Zone Name File >>

Good, the export command completed successfully, and then navigate to “C:\Windows\System32\dns\”

export Zone in DNS

You can see the file::

export Zone in DNS

That’s it,

Now you can take this tutorial in other places, for example, you can create the kind of PowerShell script and task scheduler that will backup specific Zone as base weekly .