Windows 10


There are no IT guys who do not struggle with the “SVCHOST.exe” process or even processes, Doesn’t matter whatever you have tried, whether adding additional resources such as CPU, RAM, or KB’s, follow best practices articles, […]

Auto cleanup WSUS server

Auto cleanup WSUS server

Hi All, One of the main issues we as SysAdmin experience with WSUS servers is the disk utilization that utilizes for downloading updates,  in most cases my customers are notified to the disk warning only when […]

Allow Time Zone Redirection
Windows Server 2008 R2

Redirect time zone GPO

Hi, Recently my friend Kobi Dikrman shows me useful GPO that may be useful for you as well, let me brief you a little bit, Most organizations are using Terminal Server, on your terminal server, […]

Windows Server 2012R2

Viewing the SQL Server Error Log

Quick tutorial: In this tutorial, I am going to show you how we as System Administrator can review the SQL log files. For example, there is a common ticket that some users DBA are complaining about failed […]