Xbox Series X restock today : where to buy Xbox Series X in the US, UK and AUS

Where to buy Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S guide helps keep you updated on the latest Xbox Series X stock situation

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Amazon US

Amazon released PS5 stock last week across its various regions, so if you’re after the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S watch the site daily. The company said it would have more stock in December, so it looks like it’s rolling it all out now.


Amazon UK

The Xbox Series X is listed as out of stock at Amazon, but the retailer has had stock refreshes with no warning. It rolled out the PS5 across multiple regions last week, so bookmark the page and keep checking in!


  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: 3 Month Membership, $37.99 (orig. 44.99) at
  • Just Dance 2022, $29.99 (orig. $49.99) at
  • Madden NFL 22, $27.99 (orig. $59.99) at
  • FIFA 22, $ 26.00 (orig. $59.99) at
  • NBA 2K22, $ 26.00 (orig. $59.99) at
  • Far Cry 6, $39.99 (orig. $59.99) at
  • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, $19.99 (orig. $59.99) at
  • Sonic Colors Ultimate: Launch Edition, $19.99 (orig. $39.99) at
  • Life is Strange: True Colors, $34.99 (orig. $59.99) at
  • Riders Republic, $29.99 (orig. $59.99) at


GameStop GameStop has been a great place to check for new consoles, although its Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S restocks are limited in quantity. To maximise your chances of getting one, we advise making an account so that you can fly through checkout as fast as possible. The retailer is put more consoles up for sale last week, so keep an eye out for another wave.


Walmart Walmart Canada and US have both had restocks this month, and right now, you can grab an Xbox Series S at Walmart US. Make sure you create an account and have your payment details to hand, so you don’t waste any time in the checkout process. 


Best Buy Best Buy had an Xbox Series X and Series S restock this week, but has since sold out. It’s had a number of stock drops this month, so keep an eye on it for last minute 2020 rollouts.


Microsoft Store
While the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are Microsoft’s babies, visiting the store right now and trying to buy one will direct you to retail partner websites where you can pick up the consoles. You can actually buy the consoles on the Microsoft Store app for Xbox One, so try that too! In the meantime, bookmark the website, and keep checking in. There was also a stock update yesterday, so keep the page bookmarked!VIEW DEAL

Target Target has sold out of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. The retailer hasn’t confirmed that it’s getting more in yet, but we’d be surprised if hasn’t allocated stock for the pre-Christmas shopping rush. Bookmark the page and check back, and we’ll keep you updated!VIEW DEAL


Microsoft Store
Microsoft is the source of the Xbox, so hopefully it’ll be getting in on the restock action for both of its consoles. The US arm is letting players order consoles through the Microsoft Store app for Xbox One, so you can try accessing it on your console to see how you get on. Right now, you can pick up the Xbox Series S on the storefront. VIEW DEAL

BOXBOX had an Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S restock during the first two weeks of December and teased another, smaller drop for this week, but it looks like it’s all sold out for now. The retailer adopted a novel approach in the interest of fairness, with a ballot format. Customers registered their interest for the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S and ‘winners’ were selected and given the opportunity to buy one.

John LewisNot a retailer many would think of for game console orders, but John Lewis’ fantastic customer service and two-year guarantee actually make it a great place to lock-in an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S. Unexpectedly, both were back in stock last week, but have since sold out.VIEW DEAL

VeryVery is a great place to visit for the new consoles, but it tends to sell out pretty fast so don’t expect to see stock available for long. After cancelling its November stock drop, it released an Xbox Series S console bundle this month, as well as the standalone system. VIEW DEAL

ArgosArgos is unequivocally out of PS5 stock for the rest of 2020, but the retailer rolled out Xbox Series S stock yesterday! The retailer’s stock always sells out pretty quickly, so if we see any more consoles pop up, you’ll need to act fast.VIEW DEAL

The Game CollectionThe Game Collection released an Xbox Series S Fortnire bundle last  week for £399.95, and it’s rolled it out again! It included the console, Fortnite The Last Laugh bundle, Rob ‘Golden Boots’ Rivera Cable Guy device holder, and Turtle Beach Atlas Three Amplified Gaming Headset. VIEW DEAL

LittlewoodsSurprisingly, Littlewoods has jumped in on the Xbox Series X restock action. Following in the footsteps of Very, it released an Xbox Series S bundle including an extra controller for £319.99 but has since sold out. VIEW DEAL

CurrysCurrys got a Xbox Series X restock for Black Friday, and is a likely candidate for another inventory drop, with rumors suggesting it could happen this week. If you don’t have an account, make one, and be sure to log in to make the checkout process as smooth as possible.VIEW DEAL

GAMEGAME sold out of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S pretty fast, but has had a number of restocks since launch, including more PS5s last week. We’ll be keeping an eye on the website over the next couple weeks. VIEW DEAL

Smyths ToysSmyths Toys got a PS5 restock last week, so it’s another site to bookmark for an Xbox Series X restock, so keep checking in for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, although we hear it may be out of stock now until next year. VIEW DEAL

ShopToShopTo released more PS5 stock last week, offering discounted prices of just a few pennies, but the main thing is that the inventory was available. We’ll be checking the website for Microsoft’s console which may be similarly ‘discounted’.VIEW DEAL


Xbox All Access in AU

In Australia, prices start at AU$33 per month for Series S and AU$46 per month for Series X. If you’re keen, visit the Telstra site this week to check for Black Friday deals. You’ll need to be a Telstra post-paid mobile or broadband customer to sign up. The site says it’ll be shipping the Xbox Series X in December, presumably when it gets more stock in. VIEW DEAL

Microsoft StoreMicrosoft is currently directing customers to its retail partners to find their next-gen consoles as it’s out of stock of both the Series X and Series S. In the US, you can purchase the consoles on the Microsoft Store app for Xbox One, so give that a try as well. VIEW DEAL

EB GamesEB’s launch stock of both consoles sold out fast, but we anticipate it’ll be releasing more for Christmas, so keep an eye out. VIEW DEAL

JB Hi-FiJB suspended its Xbox Series X pre-orders, but promised more when it has confirmation of more stock. So it’s worth checking the website for the Xbox Series X over the next week or two week as retailers start prepping for Christmas. VIEW DEAL

Harvey NormanOne of the official partners on Microsoft’s ‘pre-order retailers’ list, Harvey Norman had a large allocation of consoles available to pre-order, and we expect it to be getting an Xbox Series X restock in the runup to Christmas.VIEW DEAL