Configure Work Folders Windows Server 2016

Configure Work Folders Windows Server 2016.

What is Work Folders?

Windows Server 2012R2 brings this brilliant feature, basically, it is like a OneDrive, similar to Offline files or any other sync third party application we use, this feature doesn’t cost money and under your manage control, contrary to those application using of Work Folders means that the data is stored in your FS. Which makes this big difference.

As long as a user is in domain environment he can move any important files to work folders and then open them wherever her/his computer is disconnecting or connected.

I have not found any article which can simplify us what limitation we might experience on Work Folders, you can manage it by “SyncShare” cmdlet and get more information about limitation and possibilities such as sync an individual file size and so on.

Great, get ready because it’s going to be an interesting!  💡 

Open Server Manager > Add a new Role

And add the “Work Folder” feature:

Continue with Next until you finish the installation.

Then on the Server Manager click “File and Storage Server” and over there you will see the Work Folders feature waiting for you.

Click on “To Create a sync share for Work Folders, Start the new Sync Shared Wizard“:

State a path you would like to keep users data, for my demonstration I’ve stated “C:\Backup

Choose the folder-naming format: and user login method.

Specify a name for share name:

Grant sync access to groups, for an example I have decided to put a security group

Untick the Disable inherited permission and grant users exclusive access to their files.

You won’t be able to access user’s folders.

If you want, you can encrypt Work Folders.

Tick the Automatically lock screen and require a password.:

If you are getting the following error:

-The WS-Management service cannot process the request. The service cannot find the resource identified by the resource URI and selectors

Probably, Windows Sync Share service is not running, Stop the IIS service at all, start the Windows Sync Share service, and then start IIS service.

Work Folders Sync has been created successfully:

Create a new CNAME record in your DNS with URL name which will point to your server and will help to users for access to the Work Folders:

Great, so now go to the clients and open it.

Go to your clients and open Control Panel > Work Folders:

Enter a Work Folder URL:


– If you get an error about certificate apparently, the certificate is expired on IIS, go to IIS and check your bindings, do not work up while you see IIS stopped, it is Ok, work folder is using on IIS Hostable Web Core and not traditional IIS


-Make sure the “CNAME” you have selected is in Subject Alternative Name inside your certificate~


Accept the Policy:

Here it is:

I have created a folder just to make sure it will sync to my File Server:

Let’s disconnect the network drive from the VM and check if it is still available for an offline status:

Still available for us:

By The Way, you likewise can configure it generally by GPO,

Go to:

Users > Policies > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Work Folders and specify the URL:

On top of it, navigate to:

Computer Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Work Folders and enable “Force Automatic Setup for all users” policy: