Where Can You Get Private Datacenter Proxies?

There is no way to function on the internet without exposing your IP address. It works as a connector and as a communicator between different devices and different types of them. This type of virtual address is used to identify its user and apply different actions towards them, such as geo-restrictions, blocks, and whatnot.

Proxy servers are developed to help with this issue when your privacy is concerned. They allow you to change your IP address or, to be more precise, to disguise it under different IP addresses that don’t contain any information that could lead back to you.

It helps maintain your anonymity, protect your data, and avoid getting blocked. There are numerous types of such proxies, and we are going to discuss where to direct your attention to get the one called private datacenter proxies.

What are private datacenter proxies?

Private proxies are called private not only because they secure your privacy but because they function by dedicating a single IP address or a certain amount of them to your disposal without you having to share it with anyone else when they are used.

This type of proxy is not called private because it is used for private purposes. Quite the contrary. Many businesses use private proxies because they are generally safer and more applicable for bigger projects without having to rely on other users of the same proxy in the case of a shared type where different users might do something that will attract suspicions towards others as well.

Private ones work contrary to shared proxies that are utilized by multiple users at the same time. 

These are less secure in terms of risking getting your work interrupted if the same IP address gets flagged with something bad done by other users of the same IP address. You must trust other users, especially if you are not rotating your IP address and using the same one for a longer period knowing that someone else is doing the same. Or you could end up being the reason why someone else gets banned somewhere.

On the other hand, datacenter proxies are usually compared with residential proxies as two major types of proxies. Both can be either private or shared.

Their main difference originates from the source of the IP addresses that they provide for their users. Datacenter proxies give you IPs that are simulated in a datacenter and from where different information along with the indicated location is attached to each IP address. Whereas residential proxies use IP addresses that are assigned to different devices in different places by their ISPs.

Hence, a private datacenter proxy is an intermediary server that works in a datacenter and provides you with new IP addresses that you can use without bothering about anyone else, for you are the only user of these addresses.

Datacenter proxies are generally faster and cheaper than their residential counterparts and can be applied more where speed is a key component to success, for instance, in web scraping or social media marketing. It can be used for any other activity, though, if you want to improve your cybersecurity.

Before deciding if this type of proxy is for you, you might find it useful to learn more about datacenter proxies and their advantages.

What to look for?

To determine whether you are looking at the right place to get a private datacenter proxy when you consider a certain proxy provider, you must check the list of conditions that we shall discuss now.

  • Reliability of a provider

That’s the most important aspect you should evaluate. For instance, if you want to get a proxy for free, you should never take it from a provider that doesn’t sell paid proxies along with free ones. But even if you are buying proxies, you should check how the company is seen in the market, whether there are too many negative reviews, if the company is mentioned among trusted providers in different writings.

Of course, these types of writings are usually done by someone who sells proxies, and they might try to downplay their competitors, so you should also not draw conclusions from just one or two opinions that you might find.

  • Price

Although datacenter proxies are cheaper than residential ones, the prices among different providers of datacenter proxies can also vary. If the price is way lower than you can usually get on the market, that’s an indication that something might be off. While the biggest price does not necessarily mean the best service, it doesn’t mean that you should always look for a middle price among what is being offered. But you should certainly avoid going on the cheapest services while being careful and not relying your decision only on the price.

  • Quality factors

When judging the quality of a proxy from a certain provider, you must look at whether there are limits to bandwidth and connections because if there aren’t, you will most surely get a better service. You should hunt for a proxy that has no usage limits.

  • Specialization of a provider

Another important feature to notice is what types of proxies a provider is selling in general. If you are looking for private datacenter proxies, you will get better service if you find a company that has this type of proxy server as its priority. It means that they give more effort to maintain the highest quality of this kind of service and will not leave you hanging with specific problems that might occur when dealing with a provider that has many different issues to solve on many different types of proxies that they provide.


Private datacenter proxies can be found in the list of provided services among many companies that sell them. But to choose the best of them, you must look for a reliable company that sells their product for an adequate price compared to the regular market offers and can warrant you an unlimited usage of the IP addresses on their servers that you are paying for.