What׳s new with Windows Server 2012?

What׳s new with Windows Server 2012?

In this article, I’ll brief you on what’s new with Windows Server 2012, as well as what kind of new features it contains.

First of all, it’s important to note that Windows Server 2012 is more secure than Windows Server 2008 R2. Windows 2012 is a full virtualization platform, which is to say that it supports multiple guests in order to create instances of an environment. In addition, Windows 2012 uses special administrative tools that ensure compliance with service level agreements (SLAs). Windows server 2012 also optimizes stability and performance – meaning the environment can increase in density, and performance can be adjusted according to your needs. However, when it comes to graphics improvement of the system, the display options are still very similar to Windows 8:


New Windows Server 2012

  • But wait, there’s more. Windows 2012 also comes fully equipped with Powershell, as well as CMD.EXE. This program supports more than 2300 enhanced display commands, compared to a far smaller number in previous operating systems such as windows 2008 R2.
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 was able to support up to 2 GB of RAM. In comparison, Windows Server 2012 is able to support up to 4TB of RAM.
  • Another new feature which was not included in Windows Server 2008 R2 is Windows Server 2012’s ability to use Hyper-V to separate network traffic and automatically direct customers to your business infrastructure.
  • Windows 2012 has a fine-grained password policy. Windows 2008 R2 was notorious for PSO problems. Fortunately, Microsoft has upgraded this feature, and Windows 2012 allows us to make custom PSOs using the Active Directory Administrative Center.
  • Windows 2012 comes equipped with an Active Directory Recycle Bin. Windows Server 2012 also has a GUI Recycle Bin tar, which restores objects immediately.
  • Now, this next item is something that I always felt was severely lacking in Windows 2008 R2: full failover cluster of DHCP services. With the Windows 2012 server you can now setup two DHCP servers equipped with the new failover feature, and all in the same Pools (not split).
  • Microsoft has also improved the performance of their new network cards, and added a new feature called NIC Teaming. This means that you can now take two network cards and merge them as one, which will improve the performance of the network card.
  • One of the most beautiful new instruments included in Microsoft’s 2012 server is the Server Manager. The Servers Manager makes it possible to manage all roles and features through one specific place.
  • Microsoft 2012’s NAP has also been upgraded. It now comes with new security settings, as well as a number of other flashy additions.
  • Copy Paste and Hyper-V are also a ton easier in Microsoft server 2012.
  • In the new version of Microsoft Windows we now have the possibility to perform Live Migration, allowing us to convey compressed information faster. This is important primarily because it speeds up the live migration process
  • Microsoft 2012 also contains IPAM support for virtualized environments – a new feature which allows you to connect IPAM to your domain and manage your  IP address as well as your pool, and  monitor your network.

    New Windows Server 2012
    New Windows Server 2012