The Best Minecraft Seeds for 2023

If we talk about games that bring out our creativity and potential, Minecraft comes first in the mind. It boasts a massive count of 141 million players worldwide. This game keeps players hooked, regardless of age. The gameplay is simple yet addictive. Unlike other games that raise many concerns about mental health, Minecraft helps nurture your brain by developing real-life skills like planning, problem-solving, and effective utilization of resources.

Moreover, if you are familiar with the concept of seeds in Minecraft, you have a goldmine at hand waiting to fulfill your every fantasy. Whether treasure hunting, discovering gorgeous landscapes, or speed running, unique seeds are present for whatever you want to experience. This article covers Minecraft seeds and how the best seeds can help revolutionize your gaming experience. Let us get started!

What are Minecraft Seeds?

If you are wondering what a Minecraft seed is, let us explain it. Whenever you create a new world in Minecraft, the game assigns a number or an integer value to be more specific. This integer value is a code that represents the whole world.

The game stores its temples, villages, forests, islands, and everything you can imagine within that unique code. You may repeatedly enter this number into the game and recreate the same world. It lets you enjoy similar worlds with your friends or play in a fascinating world created by your friends or others over the globe.

How to Make Your Seed?

If you have finally developed the world of your dreams and plan to share it with your friends or save it from being generated again, you must set your seed. But how to do this? Once you create a world, its seed generates automatically. By default, the system allocates the system clock time as an input. 

You may use the command ‘/seed’ to check yours. But, in case you want to assign manually, you can do this using the input ‘String.hashcode ()’. Moreover, if you already have a seed shared by a friend or searched using the internet, you can create a world by clicking on the ‘Create New World’ button, then the ‘More World Options’ button, enter your seed code in the box and finally click on ‘Create New World’ and boom. Your new world is ready to be explored.

Why does finding the Proper Seed Matter?

Suppose you are new to Minecraft or have played this game long enough to have a decent Minecraft game account. Having the right seeds can revolutionize your gameplay. Developing worlds you genuinely want to explore in this game would take countless hours without proper seed code. However, you can only experience some fantasy because your gameplay depends on the worlds you play in.

You need a suitable planet to utilize diverse resources or survive long enough. It is where having a proper code(seed) matters. Moreover, if you like certain landscapes or love speedrunning and challenges, you can always find the one of your liking. We will be discussing some of the best seeds of 2023 below:

The Best Minecraft Seed for Beginners

i) Archipelago (Seed: 124014738)

If you are a beginner in Minecraft game, start with something that is not very challenging and gives you ample time to get used to the basics. Then, this seed is a perfect fit for you. The world is a small group of islands you must build upon.

ii) Survival Island (Seed: -7135175970849399448) 

This survival island seed is perfect for beginners looking to explore the game. Once you load the code, you will be in a small island jungle surrounded by wood, building blocks, and frogs. That is a lot of resources in a faraway world with almost no enemies.

The Best Minecraft Seeds for Creative Players

i) Vistas (Seed: 8658259388359648759)

This seed is suited for players who love to challenge their creative skills. You will find many plains biomes that are relatively easier to build upon extraordinary elevations. Moreover, you will have sloping plains near a mountain range to give it a more demanding look, and a forest and a village for valuable resources.

ii) Pirates Cliff (Seed: 4891928243888874122)  

If you love to create impressive elevations in the ocean, this is a must-check seed for you. Once you load it, you will find yourself on a massive cliff beside an ocean biome. You can build your dream sea castles or pirate caves. Moreover, a stony mountain peak biome is also available to diversify your creative experience. 

The Best Minecraft Seeds for Survival Players

i) Bastion Fortress (Seed: 5154957738255504112)

This seed loads the world in the Nether dimension near Bastion Fortress. The game fills the fortress with hostile and violent mobs that are hard to survive. You will have to find Smithing Templates to survive this wicked world. It is a must-play seed for players looking to challenge their survival skills.

ii) Mansion Village (Seed: -3108046692834219444)  

This seed develops with two severe enemies residing side by side. They are villagers in a plains village and pillagers in a mansion. The villagers are under constant threat by pillagers who attack them frequently. We highly recommend you play this seed to push your survival skills to the limit.

The Best Minecraft Seeds for Speedrunners

i) Exposed Stronghold (Seed: 1216998451290974659)

You will find a stronghold very close there once you load the seed and start from a spawn point.  All you have to do is collect resources from ruined portals and escape towards the stronghold. Then, develop a Nether portal, and you are good to finish the game.

ii) Forest Stronghold (Seed: 8625932958214206392)

This seed is perfect for speedrunners attempting to finish the game with a record. As you load it, you will find yourself in front of a ruined portal. You just need to discover the Nether Fortress there, then stronghold in the overwork, and you are good to go to the End Portal with one eye and finish it.

The Best Minecraft Seeds for Technical Players

i) Pig Farming (Seed: 7959046483436724360) 

This seed lets you automate pig farming on a large scale. You will spawn in a flat, plain area with patches of forest here and there. There, you will find a bunch of pigs. You just need to tame them and build a fenced structure. Then, use carrots to entice them into the fence, and enjoy farming your pigs in Minecraft.

ii) Obsidian Farming (Seed: -8880302588844065321) 

Obsidian blocks are one of the most fascinating features of Minecraft. They only form when hot lava flows over the water. Such resources are tough to find in one place. But with this seed, you spawn in a village on top of the water. Also, you will find a pool of lava flowing nearby. You can develop your ideal Obsidian farm with some work, fulfilling your advanced technical fantasies. 


How excellent is the idea to just type in a number, and the game generates a whole world for you with your favorite landscapes, desired resources, and dream-hunting treasures? Well, countless seeds are available in Minecraft, waiting for exploration. We have just discussed some of them. You will find a code for any preference or requirement. In the Minecraft community, gamers often say, ‘There is a seed for everyone.’ 

This game allows you to paint the canvas of your imagination and creativity while nurturing your brain. In case you are wondering about its accessibility on different devices, let us remind you that this game is available on Xbox, PlayStation, PC, and as well as Android. You can even play with your friends and spawn via the Minecraft server. So what are you waiting for? Your dream world is just a seed away!