Networking Tips: How to Write the Perfect Networking Email

These days, the best way to exercise networking is via email. Emails empower you and break all physical boundaries, allowing you to cooperate with brands from various states and continents.

The importance of networking emails is impossible to exaggerate, but sadly, many brands pay inadequate attention to them. For many, an appealing logo is what matters the most. And while the latter is arguably crucial–by the way, you can use this free logo maker to build a top-notch, one-of-a-kind logo–networking emails can boost your business to the extent you’ve never imagined. With a logo maker you can create a customized logo, for example you can create a bakery logo.

The following are quick and efficient tips to compose a compelling networking email.

Networking Tips: How to Write the Perfect Networking Email

Do research

If you want to be convincing and demonstrate that you’re genuinely interested in any cooperation, ensure to research every recipient’s background. Depending on their position, the amount of available information may vary. Still, it’s imperative to locate crucial info about the firm and its peculiarities. Why? At least because it’ll help you create a list of what seems potent to you about your receiver. Overall, the more in-depth your research is, the more eloquent and convincing your networking email will be.

Come up with a relevant subject line

You may wonder why subject lines are essential and need more profound attention. After all, it’s just one line that has limited characters. Well, yes and no. See, although it’s just one line, you can convey quite a lot of meaning through it. 

If you seek collaboration with a well-established brand, it’s clear that the company will have plenty of different offers. And they can be so alike that the brand will occasionally leave them aside and/or ignore them. How to ensure your mail gets the necessary attention? Of course, through a captivating subject line. Make it bold, clear, and enticing, having no more than 30 characters. 

How to Write the Perfect Networking Email 2

Don’t be self-centered

Working within the field for years and getting ample experience, you may succumb to devoting too much info about your brand. But whatever goals you might have achieved, they will do you no good if you make your email revolve around your brand and not the recipient. 

Undoubtedly, it’s vitally important to include several words about your company to let the addressee grasp how you might be of assistance. But, it will bring about more results if you start your letter by admiring the receiver, stating what you specifically appreciate/find extraordinary, and why.

Establish credibility 

Once you show you are aware of the brand you are reaching out to, you can provide more in-depth information about your business. That doesn’t mean that you should come up with a long list of your accomplishments, though. It would be best to cast some light on your brand and create a bulleted list of your strengths, inviting the addressee to discuss further details.

How to Write the Perfect Networking Email 3

Offer your assistance

It matters not whether you look for assistance. Whoever your recipient is, let them know that you are always ready to lend a helping hand. You can lay out things you’re competent in so that the addressee knows how you can assist.

Seek assistance

If you look for help, remember to put your request closer to the email’s end. Asking for help might sometimes seem too much for a networking email. But though many would use structures like, “I feel horrible for bringing this up and asking for help,” try to preserve a confident tone, writing, “Can we collaborate to find a solution?” instead. This way, you’ll show that you revere your addressee’s expertise and would like to get some help with an issue.


Learning how to write a good networking email takes time, passion, and effort. There may be times when your networking emails will remain unanswered, but that’s okay; brands have various reasons to leave such emails aside. More importantly, don’t stop knocking on different doors. Following these recommendations will allow you to create fascinating networking emails and collaborate with heavy hitters in the long run.