Management Insights in System Center

Not certain on the off chance that you have heart about “SCCM Management Insights” feature which released in Configuration Manager version 1802.
Basically, SCCM Management Insights gives us a significant data about System Center, helping us to get an analysis of data from the site database, and surely help us to make a tidy on our SCCM environment with regards to empty collections, non-deployed application and so on.

Using Management Insights, you can discover some good details about your System Center, such as Software Center, Applications, MacOS and Linux, Simplified Management, Collections, Cloud Services.
Using “Re-Evaluate” option you can generate reports manually, by default runs weekly, let’s talk a little bit about the rules we are seeing on management insights:

Software Center:
Information for Software Center, use on the new version of Software Center,  as you know on 1 Jube 2018, the support for the Application Catalog website ends

Shows Empty Collections.

Simplified Management:
Daily management of your SCCM, Outdated client versions, older versions than two years.

Cloud Services:
Co-Management, Azure AD Join, Azure Sevices, and your Windows 10 machine which can be upgraded.

Application without any deployments.

Open SCCM and go to “Administration” > “All Insights“: Right click on “Collection”  > “Show Insights“:

SCCM Management Insights


SCCM Management Insights

Right click “More Details”:

Empty collections that can be deleted:

It seems that “Management Insights” will be better, as well as more insights reports that can make our life and system better, just curious and waiting for the next update.