Configure Forwarding Office 365


In this article, you are going to learn how what does it mean “Forwarding” and how to configure it for a mailbox. Forwarding is a common setting that we are setting for our mailbox or contacts. Forwarding is mean that if we have a mailbox that called “[email protected]” and can configure that every mail flow that’s going to “[email protected]” will send to “[email protected]” as well.


In addition, we have to possibility to create a kind of contact, for example, like each organization, we have some consultants are visiting us in a week, we can create contact with the consultant SMTP address and if some internal users are used to send him to email to his personal email ([email protected]) we can create a new contact with “[email protected]” and then configure that all email that users send him to “[email protected]” will send to his internal mailbox and the consultant doesn’t need to open his personal mailbox when he comes to your company all email will transfer to his mailbox.

Let’s see how to configure it.


Search for a mailbox oF contract:


Go to Mailbox features:


On the Mail Flow click details:




And select which mailbox or contact you want.


If we selected Mailbox or contact we have two useful options:

You should choose if you want to deliver messages to both forwarding address and mailbox or just to the mailbox you specified

For example, if I have sent email to Meir Peleg email and this check box is checked, it means that also Meir Peleg and also a System Admin will receive the same email.