Learn how to play CSGO, a Beginner’s Guide

The first-person shooting game, Counter-Strike Global Offensive or CSGO is a multiplayer free game popular globally. The game starts with $8000 in your kitty and a simple gun. The cash lets you buy explosives, combat protection armor, and a decent weapon to start with. If you win the round you get more money. Here are some CSGO hacks to help you plan the resources well and play the game smartly. 

What do you need to play the game?

All that you need is a modern PC and a smooth internet connection. Sign up on Steam, download the game, install it on your computer, and press the launch button to enjoy this out-of-the-world experience. 

Get comfortable with the main menu

The interface could seem to be a little complicated when you first start with the game. Spend some time familiarising yourself with the menu. The Play game is where you start to play the counter strike. Wish to change your custom skins for things like gloves, guns, and knives then go to Inventory. To watch the competitive gameplay of your friends go over to the Watch section. Report a cheater on the Overwatch. Change the control and graphic settings on the Settings option. For any purchases like custom skins and perks, head straight to the Store, Market.

Playing with bots

Now that you are acquainted with the main menu it is time to start playing the game. Click on the Play game option and start playing CSGO. You can choose between the Practice With Bots option or the Official Matchmaking option. The Official Match Making lets you play with real players and is also the most common option. Once you are comfortable playing the game you can start with this option. However, if you wish to practice to get confident and get a grasp of the game then choose to play the Practice With Bots option.

Playing with bots first lets you get used to the battle. It gives you practice on shooting your enemies before they shoot at you.

Tips to play CSGO

Here is some advice that can come in handy when you play CSGO.


Learning the map callouts and ways to communicate is essential. CSGO is all about teamwork and knowing your map. You must be knowledgeable about the main callouts and the look of your map. Use your mic to call out the location of your enemies. You must practice communication which is a mistake that many beginners do in the game.


Ensure that your settings are right. CSGO gives you lots of options for customization and thus the default option may not be the best to use. 

The kill-death ratio

The kill-death ratio is crucial but not something that you should care about a lot. You definitely should not be the one who is getting picked up each time but getting way too concerned about this ratio ends up damaging your team play.


Learn about the commonly available grenades. If you observe the pro players you will see how they are always backed up with grenades when they push into a site.

Do not rotate

Do not rotate quickly on the CT side which is a common mistake made by amateur players. If you are on the B side and all are alive you do not need to rush to the A-side if you hear a teammate call. It also makes your teammate susceptible to an attack. In the low rank, it is common for the terrorists to walk into an empty bombsite even though all are alive.

Warming up

Warm-up well before you enter the game. If you have been playing for some time then you must take a break before you get into playing a competitive match. 


Learn ways to play the post-plant position as a counter-terrorist and a terrorist. Once the bomb is planted the game changes to a different one altogether. Counter terrorists will need to choose whether or not to go for a retake. These are exciting moments in the CSGO game but can be stressful for someone new to the game.

Practice your aim

Your sensitivity and aim matter a lot. There is no bullet magnetism so you need to take care to not miss a single shot. Missing off by one or two pixels is enough to give the shot a miss. You thus need to ensure that your sensitivity lets you aim well.


CSGO is an intense game easy and quick to learn. However, to master it requires a lot of dedication and practice. Do not be predictable which is a common mistake that newcomers make. Just push your cognitive skills and use these hacks to figure out the best method that can help you win.