5 Polyamorous Relationship Myths That You Can Face

Polyamorous people engage in multiple loving and intimate relationships at the same time. It is a type of open relationship where each partner knows the other ones. It is different from the swinging lifestyle in the sense that swingers get along with multiple sexual partners, but their focus is not on developing romantic or emotional connections with others. 

Polyamory, on the other hand, is all about developing intimate relationships and emotional connections with multiple partners. It is often divided into many different types, including solo polyamory, polyfidelity, hierarchical polyamory, and non-hierarchical polyamory. 

Finding Partners for Polyamorous Relationships

The biggest issue polyamorous couples face is about finding new people to join them in their quest for love. Even though their focus is always on fostering romantic relationships, they are often misunderstood and have a hard time finding a partner. The best way to resolve this issue nowadays is through the internet, where niche dating sites are available for all sorts of open relationships. 

Usually, such dating sites come with a huge database of singles and couples who are ready for a threesome and even foursome whenever you like. Whether you are a couple seeking female or you are primarily looking for a bisexual guy willing to join you as a third, you can find all sorts of help online. Many filters are exclusively designed for polyamorous people, so finding new partners to join them is now a tad easier. With various communication tools, it is also easier to explain what you truly want, which also helps clear certain doubts people might have about polyamorous couples.

Myths Associated with Polyamorous People

While many people are aware of the swinging lifestyle, they usually know a little about what polyamorous relationships are all about. Here are some common myths associated with this lifestyle.

  • Polyamory is nothing but cheating. That is not true because every person involved in a polyamorous relationship openly talks about their existing partners. Successful polyamory is not possible without integrity, honesty, and communication. As it is never about being secretive, so it is never about cheating on your partner.
  • Polyamorous people do not like commitment. That is again not the case because commitment in such relationships takes a different form than in monogamous relationships. Here, the focus is not on achieving traditional relationship milestones together, such as engagement, cohabitation, or marriage, but everyone is always available for others in the relationship. Considering how much honesty, commitment, and dedication are required to make these relationships work, it sometimes leads to social anxiety in these couples.
  • Polyamorous people are a bunch of sex-starved individuals. This is far from being true because these folks desire much more than plain sex. Some of them do enjoy sexual activities, but for others, it is all about building an intimate relationship with everyone else.
  • Polyamory lacks true intimacy. It is a common myth that stems from an assumption that having multiple partners keeps you from becoming truly intimate with one partner. The truth is that these relationships create a lot more intimacy as compared to monogamy because of the sheer vulnerability and additional communication required.


Looking at polyamorous people confirms that love is limitless, and there is no set way to define it. People find endless ways to embrace, celebrate, and enjoy it, and that is exactly what polyamorous couples do. Such relationships need consent, immense trust, open-mindedness, good communication, and mutual respect. If that is what you love, so be it. And if it feels difficult to enjoy it to the core, simply go online and find your next male or female partners through top dating sites.