Remove DAG Configuration Exchange 2013

Hello everyone,

During the week I got a customer that asks for removing DAG configuration, they wanted to work just with a single an Exchange server.
This process isn’t so difficult but it requires a lot of concentration and focuses on the task, there is no place for mistakes here buddies.
Therefore, in this article, I’m going to share the steps with you and show you how to do that safely and thoroughly
In my scenario, I had two Exchange servers and a witness server.

Alright, let’s start with the removing process:

First of all, you should check where the databases are located on and which server is the active one:


We should move them to the relevant server using the following options:

  1. Using Powershell
Move-ActiveMailboxDatabase -Identity <DatabaseIdParameter> [-ActivateOnServer <MailboxServerIdParameter>] <COMMON PARAMETERS>
  1. Or you can use on Switchover:

Remove the copy from the irrelevant Exchange Server: – you will get a popup of removing this database from the unnecessary exchange server – you should confirm.
Make sure circular logging is not enabled in your databases.

Remove the Exchange servers from DAG group:

As soon as it’s completed, you should delete the witness server as well and you have completed your task.