How to Remove KB using SCCM

Hello everyone,

In this article, I will show you how to remove KB  from all computers using SCCM.

Yesterday Microsoft released KB apparently causes Outlook 2013 to crushing,

The question is KB KB3097877:

In this article, I’m going to show you how to remove the KB that all the computers in the organization through the SCCM.

So let’s get started,

First of all,v we have  to open the SCCM and create a new task sequence:

First of all, open the SCCM and create a new task sequence:

– Create a New Custom Task sSequence


Remove KB SCCM

Have set name and click Next:

Remove KB SCCM

After the task is created, click on the right click and choose Edit:

Remove KB SCCM

Task must be added using the Add> General> Run Command Line:

Remove KB SCCM

And then have to put the following syntax:

C:\Windows\System32\wusa.exe /uninstall /kb:3097877 /quiet /norestart

Remove KB SCCM

Excellent, Click on OK, the next and last step it is to deploy it to the specific collection or all the systems (which means computers), I suggest you run an accurate query before and check which computers have already Installed that KB and then deploy it to a certain collection.

Lets’ see how to deploy it on  “All Systems“:

Again, right click on the – Task and then select Deploy:

Remove KB SCCM

Browse and select your collection then click Next:

Remove KB SCCM

After you decided how and which collection you want to deploy the TS please recite and understand the differences between  Required and Available

* Required – installing without users involves

* Available – users should install it manually


Remove KB SCCM

In the next window you can choose when to run the process , I set it as  As soon as Possible:

Remove KB SCCM

Pretty important, you want that task will appear on their computer or? If so make ” Show Task Sequence Progress ” (your decision)

Remove KB SCCM

Continue with Next,

Next, If you chose to prompt the TS window to the user, the user will encounter with the following Window:

Remove KB SCCM


And that’s all, always good to know for the future how to remove the KB .

Hope I helped to some of you that KB has created a lot of problems in organizations.

Thank you very much,

Meir Peleg