Set PIN CODE Office 365 Mobile


In this article, you are going to introduce a mandatory rule on a mobile phone, when a user wants to connect to office 365 environment we should demand him to set PIN CODE in order to use on office 365 services.
No many IT guys know about this amazing feature, actually, we are forcing users to encrypt or to secure their mobile before they connected to our Mail service.

By default, everyone can connect his own mobile to Office 365 by inserting  User principal name, and password.

Therefore, in this tutorial, you are going to see the new policy that forces a user to set the PIN CODE, in a case of the user doesn’t want it? lock his account… 🙂

Follow the instructions below:Set PINCODE OFFICE 365

And then click “Default” and Edit:


Here we have to set our requirements:

  • Require a password = Enable the feature
  • Allows simple passwords = Allows to user minimum 4 numbers
  • Require a minimum password length = you can see between 2-16 characters length.
  • Wipe the device after x number of failed password attempts (Be careful) here you set that if the user has not success to connect his mobile less X time his device will be wiped.

This is a message user will receive:


** Some mobiles will success to connect their mobile to office 365 but won’t be allowed to read and send emails.

** The user will receive a message that “Administrator required to set a PIN Code”.

** On LG4 there is a small bag that even if a user set a PIN CODE the user will not be able to see his mail until he will restart the device.

*** We have to explain to users that we just want to secure his mobile and according to my opinion, it should be the must in each company.