Delete stuck Veeam Snapshot Virtual Machines

HI All,

Over my career I have noticed that Veeam has an issue with snapshots deletion, sometimes snapshots stuck on virtual machines and staying on for a while, which mean that accumulation of snapshots is created, even I have seen some snapshots that stuck for more than an year.

Moreover, some jobs would failed if there are many snapshots on virtual machines, therefore I have prepare a Powershell script that recognize only “Veeam” snapshots which existing more than 7 days and then deleting them, sending you email as we ll.

Connect-VIServer 'vCenter'
$date = Get-Date -date $(Get-Date).AddDays(-7)
$body = get-vm -Location "Cluster-Name" | Get-Snapshot  |  where-object { $_.Created -lt $date -and $_.Name -like "veeam*"} | select vm, created 
$Emailtext=  "`r`n The following snapshot were stuck on those VM's, all of them have been deleted successfully"

function SendEmail 


Send-MailMessage -From 'xxx' -To 'xxx'   -Subject "Veeam Snapshot has stuck on VM's" -Body ($Body, $Emailtext | Out-String)  -SmtpServer 'xxx'


function DeleteSnap


 Get-Snapshot $body.VM| Remove-Snapshot -confirm:$false


if ($body.VM.NAME -ne $Null ) {DeleteSnap ; SendEmail}