Create Raid 1 IBM blade 7870

My IBM Type is 7870 which looks like this:


Raid 1 allows us Mirroring:

  • Minimum ¬†2 Disks.
  • good performance ( there are not striping or parity).
  • Good redundancy.
  • Waste disk.


Ok, so let’s start,

In this specific type of server, we have to boot the raid configuration using “Ctrl + C” opposite to HP “F8”, The system which manages my raid configuration called “LSI Corp configuration”

The first step is to break the existing raid configuration:

Press Enter



select “Raid Properties ”

IBM blade "7870"

And I am deleting the existing one “Delete Array”


Confirm with Y

IBM blade "7870"



And now we need to create our raid so let’s carry on with “Raid Properties” selection:

IBM blade "7870"


There are three possibilities:

IM Volume – a situation that two disks both of them mirroring data, for example, type PELEGIT? It will write on the second disk as well

IME Volume – create a situation that 3 disks with “Hot Spare”

IS Volume – Striping, which means if you type “PELEGIT” so the first part “PELE” will write on the first disk and the rest “GIT” will write on the second disk,

I am selecting on – IM Volume



IBM blade "7870"

Press D which means “Overwrite existing data, create a new IM array All Data on All disks in the array will be Deleted!!”
IBM blade "7870"


Do it to the second disk as well. “Space”


After that, we have press on “C” which will create array for us

IBM blade "7870"

Out raid is ready!

IBM blade "7870"