Create new Capture in SCCM

Hello again everyone.

In this guide, you are going to learn how to create a ‘capture’ from Window Machine.

As you already know SCCM it’s one of the best deployment platforms we have on IT repository tools.


Open SCCM and navigate to:

Software Library > Operation System > right click and select Create task sequence Media

Create Capture in SCCM

Here you have several option select on “Capture Media”


In my case I decided to create the ISO file and export it to Disk On Key, With this ISO we will create the capture.

Create Capture in SCCM



Select you distribution Point and Boot image


Create Capture in SCCM

Create Capture in SCCM

Created successfully.

Here is the file, as I already mentioned using this ISO we are going to create the Capture.

So take a Disk on Key and copy the ISO into DISK ON KEY

Create Capture in SCCM


After that this is the Window you should get:

Welcome to the Image Capture Wizard.

Click Next



This Image Capture Wizard asks you, where do you want to save the Capture?
Create Capture in SCCM

Insert credential

Create Capture in SCCM



Capture process-in-progress.

Create Capture in SCCM

Regarding Sysprep Process it knows do Sysprep as well.

Create Capture in SCCM


Create Capture in SCCM

Create Capture in SCCM

Image Successfully captured to “Your_Destination”

Create Capture in SCCM

In next article, I will shop you how to deploy the capture to clients.

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