How to export multiple mailboxes to PST in Exchange 2010?

Yeah, I know, Exchange 2010 it is an old version but still runs on many customers over the world, today a Government corporate referred to me for migrating them to Office 365,

From security circumstances, we couldn’t open 443 port externally to their environment, therefore, I couldn’t even make cut-over migration, What I wanted to do, it could be quick, thereby only an option I found is to export all mailboxes using Powershell and then let them import them one by one or by Microsoft Tool which knows to import multiple PST to Office 365.

Though it might be less relevant for your I would glad to share it with you and introducing to you know another way to migrate your PST’s. along with that, I want to remind guys, do you remember my old article which can also be pretty good for you if you are managing PST project or something like that:

PST Powershell scripts

# Please make sure you are following the steps respectively 

First, make sure your user is indeed assigned to “Mailbox Import Export” Management Role,

Open Microsoft Exchange Management Shell and run the following commands:

New-RoleGroup “PST Manager”

Assign [RBAC] Mailbox Import Export to the new group:

New-ManagementRoleAssignment -Role “Mailbox Import Export” -SecurityGroup  “PST Manager”

Add a user who you want to use Mailbox Import Export commands:

Add-RoleGroupMember “PST Manager”-Member Administrator

Re-open the Exchange Management Shell Console and Then run the following commands:

$ExportList = Get-Mailbox

$ExportList|%{$_|New-MailboxExportRequest -FilePath “file\\DC01\Exported Mailboxes Exchange/$($_.alias).pst”}