How to Create a Dating Site from the Beginning

Talk about some of the fastest-growing global industries, and the online dating industry will find its way to the list. Experts believe that online dating sites are likely to make more than $3 billion in the United States alone in the year 2021. Considering how people had to stay confined to their homes in 2020, it seems dating sites will break all records in the coming months. Also, so many other factors, such as increased digitalization, social acceptance, and virtual communication, have also played a role in the industry’s overall growth. 

Considering the rate at which the industry is growing, it would be very smart to tap into this highly profitable niche. And it does not have to be very difficult, as all you have to do is create a dating site and wait for the magic to happen. Just remember that not any website would work, though, and you will have to go for the most functional and well-designed site. To make it work, you may want to take your time and pick a specific niche. For instance, a platform that caters to the needs of local self milfies is likely to perform much better than a generic dating site. Of course, you will have to put in a huge effort to deal with the competition, but once it is up and running and gains traction, your site could be making millions of dollars per month.

Getting Started with Your Dating Site

As mentioned already, take your time and look for the best niche for your dating site. It could be about BBWs, poly dating, LGBTQ dating, or MILF dating. From people’s point of view, it seems there is a great interest in finding mature partners for casual and serious dating, and hence, mature or MILF dating would definitely be a good choice. But, whatever you pick, understand that people come to your site to find details about potential suitors. Therefore, your site should not be superficial and focus on different aspects of delivering maximum satisfaction. You can prioritize featuring photos for a casual dating site, but for a more serious dating site, your focus should be on common personality traits and interests.

Here is how to create your site from scratch:

  • Start by working on your home page. You welcome your visitors on this page, so it needs to be attractive yet easy-to-use as well. It would help if you had links to other pages and features on this page. Use your brand’s logo and images of happy couples and your main keywords on this page for SEO purposes. A search feature with various filters on the homepage will work great and help users find what they like. 
  • Create your “About Us” page. It may not look that important when you seem to have a good database available, but you need to make your users feel comfortable about their security. Some reassurance through this page would go a long way in improving the user experience.
  • Set up user profiles, and decide how much info to show to basic members. You need to ensure that user profiles are not exposed to anyone who comes to your site. It may be okay to reveal some data to those who register, but the rest should be limited to premium members. Not taking it seriously would hurt your business model hard.
  • Work on providing different modes of communication. Unless you can facilitate communication through your dating site, it would never survive in the world of fierce competition. You can always start with simple text-based communication and then continue to offer more as your website expand, and that may include video chats, voice chats, and dedicated chat rooms.

Work on Visual Language and Copy

Creativity is the key to help your site stand out from the competition. Your copy should be easy to understand and explain its purpose as effectively as possible. Work on making the loading screens interesting and setting up expectations for what the site will be like. It will help define whether your site is mainly for casual encounters or it is designed for long-term dating than a fling.

Customizable Profiles

No matter what algorithm you incorporate or how you decide to fetch matches, ensure that your profile pages provide enough customization options to your members. The catch is to find the right balance between pre-loaded likes, photos, interests, and empty spaces with writing prompts for members to explain more about themselves. Have a system in place that could get more information out of users’ social media profiles, as that would go a long way in defining the most relevant matches.

The fact of the matter is that not taking advantage of a profitable niche such as online dating is not a sane decision. Creating an attractive website, including all necessary features, and marketing it to the right audience, your site could gross millions of dollars with very little input.