Best Twitch Bots to Use in 2022

It’s not a surprise that Twitch is one of those platforms where lots of users are using bots. Knowing that they are a significant part of a gaming culture worldwide, it’s being brought to Twitch too, where lots of gamers come to stream their playing sessions.

Of course, Twitch is used for much more than that. For instance, people are streaming their live reactions to movies or TV shows that they are watching. This kind of activity is gaining more popularity every day. And bots can equally be used there too.

What can Twitch bots help with?

The main job that bots do for their users is automating tasks that otherwise would take lots of time to complete. These tasks include moderating chats, sending automated greetings, and deleting offensive comments.

But most importantly, Twitch view bots can provide an increase in the number of viewers, followers, and chatters by providing fake users that do that instead of real people.

It helps to build your reputation and popularity that allows you to attract real people to your streams to follow your content until you don’t need such bots because you are already in the spotlight.

Let’s see which bots are going to stay at the top of botting culture in Twitch in 2022.

Best Twitch bots for 2022

  • Media Mister

That’s a view bot that can be used for faking your followers or viewers. This bot has good customer support but doesn’t have a free trial. However, if you are certain that you want more followers and viewers to boost your popularity, you can bet that this bot will not disappoint you. Besides, it offers a money-back if you are not satisfied with the service.

It has tiered pricing, which means that you will only pay for the number of faked viewers and followers and only for the time of the active use of a service that you choose without having to pay for the whole package of different features that you are not using.

Moreover, it can be used on other social media platforms at the same time and help improve your visibility.

That’s a very customer-friendly and easy-to-use botting service that has been on the market for a very long time and has a lot of users that will still make this bot stay at the top.

  • Streambot

It’s a viewer bot that provides not only viewers and followers, but chatters as well. You can choose whether you want all these features at once or get one or two of them separately. All these features can be controlled through a dashboard. It means that you don’t have to download anything you don’t want, and you can use them directly on the site.

This bot provides advanced technology that allows increasing the number of human-looking viewers that help avoid unnecessary attention for using bots.

Streambot boosts your growth on Twitch for a moderately low price. It makes it one of the more popular Twitch bots that are not going to lose its popularity, especially after Viewer Labs, one of the most popular Twitch bots, has been taken down

  • FollowersUp

This one seems similar to a Media Mister. It is a Twitch viewer bot that has good customer support, tiered pricing, can be used on other social media platforms at the time, and has no free trial.

Although this bot provides followers and viewers, they only come as channel viewers and not as live viewers. That’s why it’s written in this bot’s name that it will boost the number of your followers.

For the same reason why Media Mister is one of the most popular bots, FollowersUp will remain among the top choices alongside the former.

  • ViewerBoss

Viewers, followers, and chatters are provided by this bot in a single package. Or you can separately buy only bots for followers. Whichever you choose, it allows a lot of customization that can be done through their dashboard.

This bot also has advanced technology that can be used to monitor what helps improve your growth and what makes it struggle.

It’s one of the more expensive bots that provide a high-quality service. It has tiered pricing, though. You can cherry-pick its features and make use of it even if you don’t have a big budget.

  • UseViral

This one is created for making your profile go viral, as suggested by the name. It provides followers and viewers that can view both your profile and your videos.

The providers of this bot have worked on numerous platforms for many years. They can help you discriminate between successful and unsuccessful ways of building your profile and improving its growth while also promoting your Twitch content on other social media platforms.

They can find you real users that will be targeted based on their interests so that it would be more likely for them to follow you and find in your channel what they have been looking for.

A promising year?

As we have seen, it looks like the best Twitch view bots for 2021 shall mostly remain at the top in 2022.

However, Twitch will stay in the fight against using these bots. Especially view bots that help boost users’ popularity before attaining real viewers and followers. That’s why one thing will remain the same – bots will still need proxy support to maintain their activity and avoid getting blocked.

Residential proxies are mostly used to the extent that different viewers that bots provide would have different IP addresses that lead back to residential areas and avoid raising suspicions about whether these are real users or fake ones.

That can make this year really successful for those who are using bots to grow their audiences on Twitch or any other platforms.

Final thoughts

As long as users of Twitch want the same features from their bots, namely, the new viewers, chatters, and followers that help boost the popularity of their channel, the best bots that have dominated the market for the past few years will maintain their position and remain highly demanded.