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The Isle is an open beta with an open world survival game in which players choose between three factions in an attempt to survive on a fierce island. Hunt. Dam. Survive The Isle launched on Steam on December 1, 2015.

List 49 best games like The Isle :

1Amazing Frog
2AR Pocket Dinosaur Simulator
3Back at the Barnyard: Slop Bucket Games
4Bear Simulator
5Bull Simulator 3D
6Cat Simulator
7Catlateral Damage
9Cockroach Simulator
10Dinosaur Games Simulator
11Dog Sim Online: Raise a Family
12Dog Simulator
13Dog&#s Life
14Eagle Simulator
15Feed and Grow: Fish
16Goat Insanity
17Goat Simulator
18Goat Simulator MMO Simulator
19Goat Simulator Payday
20Goat Simulator: GoatZ
21Horse Simulator
22Hungry Shark World
23I Am Bread
24Jaws Unleashed
25Job Simulator
26Life of Black Tiger
27Max and Maya: Cat Simulator
28Pig Simulator
29Rat Simulator
30Ratty Catty
31Ride Equestrian Simulation
33Shark Simulator
35Silly Walks
36Survivalizm: The Animal Simulator
37Tokyo Jungle
38Ultimate Cat Simulator
39Ultimate Dragon Simulator
40Ultimate Forest Simulator
41Ultimate Fox Simulator
42Ultimate Horse Simulator
43Ultimate Jungle Simulator
44Ultimate Savanna Simulator
45Ultimate Shark Simulator
46Ultimate Wolf Simulator
47Wild Cheetah Sim 3D
48Wild Panther Sim 3D
49Wolf Simulator

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