How to beat Giovanni in Pokémon Go April 2022 counters ?

How to beat Giovanni in Pokémon Go April 2022 ?

How To Beat Giovanni in Pokémon Go ?

You can only fight and beat Giovanni in Pokémon Go after receiving the Super Rocket Radar.

Trainers will receive the Super Rocket Radar by completing special research tasks that are available during the Team Rocket event. You can find the special research tasks in Leekduck.

Once you’ve unlocked the Radar, you will then need to equip and it check individual Poke Stops until you find the boss of Sierra, Cliff, and Arlo.

Giovanni Pokemon Go counters (April 2022)

Here’s Giovanni’s current lineup in Pokemon Go:

  • Phase 1: Persian
  • Phase 2: Honchkrow / Gyarados / Rhyperior
  • Phase 3: Shadow Latias


Shadow Latias is a Dragon and Psychic-type creature with a weakness to Bug, Ghost, Ice, Dragon, Dark, and Fairy attacks.

Pokemon Go Giovanni April 2022 Counters

Giovanni Pokemon Go counters phase 1

Persian is weak against Fighting-types and resistant to Ghost-types :

  • Lucario – Counter, Aura Sphere
  • Conkeldurr – Dynamic Punch, Counter
  • Machamp – Counter, Dynamic Punch
  • Breloom – Counter, Dynamic Punch
  • Heracross – Counter, Close Combat

Giovanni Pokemon Go counters phase 2

Honchkrow is weak against Electric, Ice, Fairy and Rock-type moves, and resistant to Dark, Grass, Ghost, Ground, and Psychic-type attacks.Aggron – Smack Down, Heavy Slam, Thunder :

Golem – Rock Throw, Rock Blast, Earthquake

Pachirisu – Volt Switch, Thunder Punch

Probopass – Spark, Rock Slide, Thunderbolt

Alola Graveler – Rock Throw, Thunderbolt, Rock Blast

Gyarados is a Water/Flying-type Pokemon, making it weak against Electric and Rock-type moves and resistant to Bug, Fighting, Fire, Ground, Steel, and Water-type moves :

  • Raikou – Volt Switch, Wild Charge
  • Electivire – Thunder Shock, Wild Charge
  • Zapdos – Thunder Shock, Thunderbolt
  • Luxary – Spark, Wild Charge
  • Pachirisu – Volt Switch, Thunder Punch
  • Probopass – Spark, Rock Slide, Thunderbolt

Rhyperior is a Ground/Rock-type Pokemon, so it’s extremely weak against Grass and Water-type moves, and also weak against Fighting, Ice, Ground and Steel-type attacks.

  • Venusaur – Vine Whip, Frenzy Plant
  • Kyogre – Waterfall, Surf
  • Swampert – Water Gun, Hydro Cannon
  • Roserade – Razor Leaf, Grass Knot
  • Empoleon – Waterfall, Hydro Cannon

Giovanni Pokemon Go counters phase 3

Giovanni’s Shadow Latias is a Dragon/Psychic-type, which means it’s weak against Bug, Dark, Dragon, Fairy, Ghost, and Ice-type attacks :

  • Genesect – Fury Cutter, X-Scissor
  • Scizor – Fury Cutter, X-Scissor
  • Steelix – Dragon Tail, Crunch
  • Metagross – Bullet Punch, Meteor Mash
  • Kyurem – Dragon Tail, Outrage
  • Gengar – Lick, Shadow Ball
  • Aggron – Dragon Tail, Heavy Slam

Pokemon Go wiki :

The Pokémon Company
Director(s)Tatsuo Nomura
Artist(s)Dennis Hwang
Yusuke Kozaki
Mieke Hutchins
Composer(s)Junichi Masuda
ReleaseJuly 6, 2016
Genre(s)Augmented reality, location-based game